Apps and Algorithms Won’t Save You: Improving Social Skills at Work (7/25/2020) - Some of my tech colleagues believe that all our world needs is to be better organized around algorithms. In their minds, everything can be simplified (e.g. shopping, getting a driver, […]
Bias in Performance Review and How To Avoid It (7/15/2020) - Performance reviews are an important process for the development of your team. If used properly they can really set the tone for the upcoming period. If done haphazardly and sloppily, […]
Make Friends and Seek Advice: 3 Tips for Workplace Success (7/26/2020) - While the August jobs report may have captured most of the headlines, I was more fascinated about two recent NYTimes articles. The first discussed the decline of friendship building in U.S. […]
Woman Relaxing in a Bathtub Filled with Flowers Martyr Complex at Work: What is a Martyr Personality & How to Overcome Symptoms of Professional Self-Sacrificing (7/15/2020) - Recently, several journalists have asked to interview me for articles on the work martyr complex. The phenomenon is likely as old as time, but currently, work martyr syndrome refers to […]
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