In the Shakespeare play where this phrase became iconic, Juliet tries to convey that a last name is meaningless and artificial to directly conveying information about a person.

In direct contrast, in my inaugural newsletter, I am going to share with you the meaning of the name of this newsletter and my practice, which is central to my driving mission and purpose as a psychologist and executive coach and will be integral to knowing what you find in this weekly newsletter.

Almost 15 years ago, I walked out on a job.

Literally, walked out…

No two weeks notice.

No other job.

No plan.

Not something that I would generally advise to any of my clients today, but I just needed to do this for myself.

How had I arrived at that moment?

After completing my PhD at Columbia University, I was incredibly burned out, lost, and unclear about what I had wanted for my professional future.

I’d lost my center.

So, I let serendipity be my guide and took anything I got or was offered.

After a set of generally poor career decisions, largely made out of need for perceived security, I ended up in a job that was not a great fit for me, with a boss who was a nightmare in almost every way imaginable – there were all the familiar culprits that make jobs a nightmare including being underpaid in comparison to my peers, long hours, no opportunities for advancement and awful bonuses like public humiliation and harassment.

When the final straw was wielded, in a meeting with all the senior leaders in my office, who were all women, my boss (a man) was asked about what the music was that was playing in the office and he responded that it was “music to soothe the savage breast.”

I cleared my office that weekend and then returned on that Monday to turn in my keys.

Despite knowing that I did the right thing, I was spinning in terror. I had been continuously employed since I was 12. When I quit, my boss in a rage threatened my future employment in any educational institution.

It was a scary time.

Not knowing what was next, my husband (who knew that detail work could often be a soothing and grounding place for me) asked me to consider working on developing a private practice with him.  Even though I had no interest in a practice because I was terrified of the risk and potential instability, I got very concrete and did what I needed to do to get everything together.

A couple of months later, we had to choose a business name and we wrestled with a bunch of straightforward and clinical names until one stuck.

I remember it like it was yesterday. We were walking from an event down 9th Avenue on the west side of NYC and brainstorming all kinds of names and then all of sudden one of us said what about —

Dynamic Transitions.

It captured everything we wanted to support in our practice

– it would be about—


learning a process to transition,

supporting movement forward,

teaching people not to fear change,

new thoughts, behaviors, and feelings about change,

the forces that create progress within a system and a process,

and most importantly, empowering people to use their voice and to leverage their skills to craft their own futures and never feel trapped in their professional or personal lives.

The name felt so right and captured our vision for our practice.

And then the most amazing thing happened, right as we finished that discussion we got a sign.

We saw an art exhibit featuring the most beautiful, colorful, vibrant art that made us stop and smile to each other.

And then, we noticed the description of the exhibition and that the artists were children with disabilities. The name of the exhibit was “Dynamic Transitions.”

That was it for us!

So, this LinkedIn newsletter is similarly named because I will be sharing and discussing all the things that have been my mission for the last 15 years.

It will be about change and how to master it.

It will be about how to value yourself so that you make decisions that are backed by your visions.

It will be owning your professional life and living in it in an active, dynamic and engaged way.

I will be sharing with you all the things that I am thinking about in the realm of career – the issues that I am struggling with, reading about and presenting out in the world.

I look forward to being on this journey with you and I am hoping to connect and discuss these issues with you and the community that we develop.