Have you recently experienced a professional change

that made you realize that your network isn’t large or strong enough to meet your professional needs and foster career growth?


Has something happened in your job or position

that has you wanting to make a transition, but you don’t know who you can turn to for support?


Perhaps you know that you need to improve your networking skills, but are unsure how.

Or maybe you feel as though you should be able to make career transitions on your own, believing that if you perform well enough in your job you won’t need a network.


Have you struggled to find someone...

with similar experience who can understand your career challenges and goals?


Maybe you are beginning to realize...

that your professional growth is being stifled by the lack of a professional community.

Perhaps you feel anxious or uncomfortable during professional and/or social engagements or when meeting new people. While you might realize your need for an effective network, you still may feel uncomfortable asking for favors or worry that people will say that you only reach out when you need or want something. Building a new network can be an intimidating and difficult process, but a solid professional network can be vital to achieving professional success. Do you wish you could find a stable, reliable set of mentors who could offer guidance and support when you have career questions or need professional advice?

Networking Is About Building Reciprocal Relationships

Many professionals feel like they are asking for a job or a handout when they are networking. And while it is true that a solid career network can give you access to a variety of resources and opportunities, it is more about building a professional community and reciprocal relationships than it is about asking for favors. No one succeeds alone, and the goal in a professional community network is for everyone to thrive through mutually beneficial relationships.
At Dynamic Transitions – based in NYC – we can help you develop the confidence and skills you need to build a professional network that can guide and support you throughout your career.

You Can Grow Your Professional Community

A variety of factors can influence the size and strength of your professional network. You may have lost touch with former mentors or colleagues. You might feel uncomfortable meeting new people at networking events. Or, you might struggle to create and sustain professional relationships. Whatever the cause of your networking challenges, we can help you develop effective networking skills and expand your professional community and resources.

Effective networking is contingent on your ability to branch out, identify strategic places where you can build your community and connect with people. You can build your professional network both through and outside of your profession, and we help you practice communication and interpersonal relationship skills through a variety of modeling and role-playing activities. You can learn how to talk to someone new, exchange business cards, follow up and move from one conversation to another smoothly and confidently. We can help you feel more natural in traditional networking settings that often feel artificial.

We can also provide you with specific tools and a language you can use to feel more confident and comfortable when networking. When you begin communicating with greater ease and confidence, you can develop a larger professional network, and you can also begin creating stronger relationships and more opportunities in your career. Whether you are trying to start a conversation with new people or reconnect with former colleagues, your ability to network and build relationships allows you to create a professional safety net and enjoy a more comfortable career.


Throughout your career you will go through transitions, conduct job searches and develop professional relationships. Networking is one of the most powerful tools you have in making career changes. At Dynamic Transitions, we understand that your ability to build, connect to and utilize your network is vital to your professional success. We provide a supportive, encouraging environment where you can develop and practice the skills you need to grow your professional community.

We have helped professionals develop their networking skills and build their professional community for  15 years.

We are licensed psychologists with educational and professional backgrounds in career coaching and skills building. With guidance and support, you can finally build that effective professional network, enjoy stronger connections with people within your industry and develop tools and strategies you can use throughout your career.

But you may still have questions about developing networking skills…

I’m anxious around new people and have a hard time building new relationships.

While you may currently struggle to build new relationships, there are tips and strategies you can use to become more comfortable meeting people and creating and sustaining effective, enjoyable relationships. Even if you consider yourself shy – or you suffer from a degree of social anxiety – at Dynamic Transitions we can help you shift your perspective quickly and effectively.

I hate asking people for help. I should be able to do this myself.

Society has many of us believing that receiving help or support is a sign of weakness, but this notion is false. No one succeeds entirely on his or her own. It is impossible to navigate the career ladder without a useful and powerful network behind you. Everyone needs help and support in their career – particularly when navigating professional transitions –  and the development of networking skills can be done by anyone at any level.

I already have a network, but they aren’t doing anything for me.

In this case, we will take a look at what you are doing and receiving in those relationships and examine why they aren’t functioning the way you want. With professional networking help, you can reevaluate your network and make adjustments in order to create a community of people who can contribute to your development and professional success. At Dynamic Transitions, we have the professional experience to help you learn how to build the network and mentorship you want and to be reciprocal in those relationships.

You Can Be Confident And Successful In Your Networking

If you are attempting to build a new or stronger professional community, or if you have additional questions about networking, we invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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