Are You Struggling With Confidence And Direction In Your New Management Position?

  • Have you recently been promoted to a managerial role and feel anxious about your new additional leadership responsibilities?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, constantly worrying someone will discover you aren’t as qualified or capable as others think?
  • Are you insecure about “managing down” or concerned you won’t be seen as skilled, competent and promotable when “managing up?”

Perhaps you have been managing for years, but still don’t feel comfortable with your role or responsibilities. Maybe you come from a specialized background and are quickly learning that the technical expertise that got you promoted isn’t enough to help you excel in your management position.

Leadership and management roles can carry a great deal of stress. Preparing for and leading meetings, working with laterals (peers) and managing up to your supervisor or leadership team all come with challenges that require confidence and direction to navigate effectively. And, often you may not feel like you’re good enough or up to the tasks. Perhaps you were blind-sided by a bad performance review or don’t know how to act on the feedback you have received. You may feel overwhelmed by the new leadership skills you have to learn and the many pressures and responsibilities your new position demands. Do you wish you could develop your leadership skills and feel more relaxed and confident in your management role?

Countless Managers In NYC Struggle To Adapt To Their New Responsibilities

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The shift to a leadership role often involves a sort of professional jump.   The technical skills you had developed – the same that led to your promotion – must now be supplemented with leadership development and management skills. Being thrust into this new position can create a great deal of stress. You may go from feeling confident in your work to feeling challenged and even incompetent almost overnight.

But, you earned your position because of your strengths. The good news is that you can build upon and expand your current strengths. Leadership development coaching can help you build the confidence and leadership skills you need to excel in your new management responsibilities.

You Can Develop Leadership Skills And Embrace Your Management Role

Trying to adapt to new leadership and management responsibilities can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, it is possible to quickly build the leadership skills and confidence needed to excel in your new position. At Dynamic Transitions in New York City, we can help you clarify your professional goals and develop a plan of action in a safe, supportive environment. In leadership development coaching, you have an ally who can help you work through leadership challenges. With guidance, direction and support, you can identify and further develop your strengths while building confidence in your management role.

At Dynamic Transitions, we tailor our leadership and management coaching to meet all our clients’ unique personalities, needs, professional challenges and goals.

We’ll complete a thorough history of your work environment and previous work experience to best understand the specific leadership skills you already have, as well as those you need to perform your new role confidently and optimally. This may mean helping you learn to delegate or build better relationships with laterals, for example. Some leadership skills can be difficult to learn – especially those that involve managing specific feelings you have toward certain colleagues or yourself. We are also licensed counseling psychologists specializing in career and leadership development. This puts us in a unique, powerful and useful position. As well as providing you with coaching and support, we can also help you work through the interpersonal challenges or conflicts that may be impeding your ability to perform in your position.

We may recommend leadership testing to help us assess different areas of strengths and development that you can focus on. Leadership is a skill that is developed, not an inborn ability

We have helped countless clients and organizations address management challenges and develop leadership for over 15 years. With focused assistance and professional leadership development coaching, you can become the effective, confident leader you want to be.

But, you may still have questions about leadership development…

It is important to remember that leadership isn’t something you are born with. Rather, it is a skill you can learn and practice with suitable guidance and support. At Dynamic Transitions, we can help you develop a strong leadership development action plan, including securing mentorship in NYC, so that you can continue to grow outside of leadership coaching sessions.

Trust and respect can be built over time if you’re patient with the process. While it isn’t always easy, try to remain flexible and understand that perceptions can be changed – and pretty rapidly oftentimes. But, in order to shift a negative perception, you have to understand its cause. Once you do, it’s possible to develop a strategy to replace the negative perception with a more accurate picture of who you are.

As you work your way up the professional ladder, it’s hard to avoid the necessity to develop supervisory or managerial skills. And, while it is possible to go backward to a previous position, it can have a dramatic impact on your professional and economic growth. It makes sense to want to go back to what you’re good at, but you can be good at your new role, too. You’re just going from the top of your technical skills to the bottom of your managerial ones. And, with a little help, you can learn the leadership skills you need to excel in your position.

You Can Become The Leader You Want To Be

If you are ready to begin learning the management and leadership skills you need to excel in your position, or if you have additional questions, we invite you to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation.

Not sure if leadership development and management coaching will be a good fit for you?

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