Do You Feel Unfulfilled or Unsatisfied In Your Career?

  • Are you hard-working, ambitious, driven, and committed to your advancement, but feel like your career isn’t where you hoped it would be?
  • Are you having trouble managing up and feel like it is stifling your growth?
  • Do you need a larger network, yet struggle with taking steps to initiate and build the relationships needed to guide you to the next level?
  • Despite your financial success, are you not happy with the trajectory your career is taking and feel as though it is somehow out of your control?
  • Or perhaps you’re beginning to feel anxious or even fearful as you continue to struggle to move your career in the desired direction. Has success allowed you to take on new responsibilities at work, but you still question your ability to excel in this role?
  • Do you need a complete shift and want to change careers?
  • Do you wish you could develop the resources and strategies necessary to feel happier, more secure and more satisfied in your career?

Almost Everyone In New York Faces Career Challenges

Many experienced, dedicated and accomplished professionals feel stuck or lost in transition at some point in their career.

From individuals recently out of college struggling to find their first professional position to those looking to develop leadership skills or advance to a more senior role, career challenges are completely normal. Countless managers, executives and entrepreneurs have also struggled with career obstacles and uncertainties. However, many of these same individuals discovered the value of career coaching and were able to meet and overcome their challenges.

You likely already possess many of the skills to be successful, but anxiety, uncertainty, confusion and other challenges, both personal and professional, can be limiting your growth. The good news is that career counseling provides the strategic approach, guidance and support you need to feel clear, confident, fulfilled and motivated about effectively managing your career direction.

Career Counseling Can Help You Take Control Of Your Career And Life

It can feel like your whole life is out of sync when you are struggling with significant issues in your work.

Career challenges often extend to your personal life, and relationship struggles, or lack thereof, can quickly impact your professional performance or satisfaction. At Dynamic Transitions in New York, we are licensed psychologists as well as career counselors. We realize that your career and your personal lives can impact each other, and that you are a whole person trying to find a sense of happiness across your entire life.

We also recognize that our society doesn’t always encourage us to identify and pursue careers where we will feel satisfied and fulfilled. You may have been told to look primarily for security and stability in a job, but we want to help you feel connected to, proud of and passionate about your work.

To that end, we bring a warm, empathic approach to our work together. We are goal-oriented, solution-focused and interactive in our sessions. Unlike traditional talk therapy, we are not passive participants in your career counseling. Your circumstances, challenges and goals are unique, and we tailor your career counseling experience to your specific situation. By taking a strategic, supportive approach, we can help you identify your challenges and develop practical, effective solutions and career action plans that you can apply here in New York and wherever your career takes you.

In order to realize meaningful change, we help you set and manage practical goals with realistic timelines, as well as to utilize proven strategies to respond to a variety of career and personal challenges and reach new milestones. You can be confident, satisfied and successful in your career and we can help you figure out what tools, network connections and actionable goals you will need to get there.

Career Counseling with Dynamic Transitions:

Managing New Leadership Responsibilities

Your professional achievements have been rewarded with a promotion, which includes managerial responsibilities, but you have had few – if any – opportunities to manage people and you feel out of your depth at times. Or your role may require a different skill set from those you have been working to develop. We can help you unlock your management potential and assist you in the transition from being an excellent technician to a people management expert.

Career Transitions

Changing careers, positions or responsibilities can be difficult and anxiety-provoking, even when you are excited about the new opportunity. Questions about professional relationships, going back to school to earn an advanced degree, what career to pursue next or even considering a second act after retiring from your current position present psychological and logistical challenges. The good news is you can learn to manage and move past these challenges.

Executive Career Coaching

You may be happy with your current success, but can’t shake the nervous feeling that you are not thriving in your executive role. It may feel like there are no outlets for discussion about areas in which you feel less competent. Or those conversations can have implications and undermine the confidence that is placed in you and your role. In addition, the intense time demands and stressful nature of this level of responsibility can often create problems in your personal life that most certainly cannot be disclosed at work. Executive coaching can help you develop a strategy to manage anxiety and nurture your personal relationships so you can feel confident in your ability to lead and manage.

Career Counseling for Entrepreneurs

Moving from an organization to an entrepreneurial venture can be a dramatic change. Although you may be pursuing your passion, it can be difficult to structure yourself, motivate yourself to complete tasks that you dislike or feel are not your strength, and it can be an isolating experience. Dynamic Transitions can assist you in considering organizational structure, how to motivate employees and yourself, clarifying goals and targets, and utilizing the best strategies for consistent growth and progress in your business.

Couples Career Counseling

Changing careers, positions or responsibilities can be difficult and anxiety-provoking, even when you are excited about the new opportunity. Questions about professional relationships, going back to school to earn an advanced degree, what career to pursue next or even considering a second act after retiring from your current position present psychological and logistical challenges. The good news is you can learn to manage and move past these challenges.

Career Testing

In addition to career counseling, we offer career testing for clients looking to change professions or gain information about their leadership strengths and weaknesses. We look at a variety of components, including skills, interests, work environment preference, values and intrinsic motivators, helping you identify areas that could be a good fit for you.

We have been helping clients overcome their career challenges for over 15 years, and we know that a career is an important expression of our clients’ identities. Making a change is a journey, and it takes time. But, with the guidance and assistance offered through Dynamic Transitions, consistent work and dedication, you can develop the techniques and support system you need to take control of your career, and to find true satisfaction and success.


But, you may still have questions or concerns about career coaching…

We understand your concern about becoming reliant on our help. We don’t want to engender dependence either. That’s not a success to us. Therefore, we work in a collaborative, supportive fashion, helping you find solutions and develop strategies that are yours for a lifetime. In some cases, clients do choose to keep us as a long-term resource, but their professional and personal lives are continuing to move forward and we are regularly setting new goals and assessing growth.

While you may have held the belief that a career is solely designed to earn money rather than personal gratification, it is possible to feel happier and more satisfied in your professional life. You may not love every day of work, but when your job fits with who you are, it is easier to push through difficult or exhausting periods. You can learn to turn challenges into temporary, manageable obstacles, allowing you to focus on the parts of your career that you love.

The relationship between client and coach is extremely important in career counseling, and it could be that there was a mismatch between the coach and your friend. Additionally, career coaching isn’t regulated, and the individual your friend worked with may not have been qualified to offer career coaching. We are both licensed Counseling Psychologists with intensive training specifically focused on career development, counseling and testing. The career coach that you choose should be able to understand and help you identify goals to move forward.

You Can Feel Happy In Your Career

If you are ready to get started on career counseling or if you have additional questions, we invite you to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation.

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