Recommended Resources

The Healing Power of the Breath

This is a fantastic book to teach you a variety of breathing techniques. It is written by two holistic psychiatrists that utilize breathing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD. These techniques can be used as part of a regular breathing and self-care regime. Get the book here!

The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

Task management can be an important aspect of self-care. This technique, which helps to organize overwhelming tasks lists, can be incredibly useful to incorporate in your system of managing your workload in an effective and less overwhelming way. Get the book here!

The First 90 Days

When you are in a leadership role and struggling to not let your Impostor Syndrome impact your leadership processes, this book is incredibly helpful not only for people just starting a job, but those who want to get a better handle on their leadership in a strategic and purposeful way. Get the Book here!

Sitting Still Like A Frog

When you are working on meditational activities and self-care often you realize that they are hard to institute because you didn’t learn them as a child. If you have children, this book is a lovely and gentle way to bring meditation into their life. Get the book here!

Say Goodnight to Insomnia

This book is written about a technique developed at a Harvard Sleep Clinic to eradicate insomnia in 6-weeks. It’s amazing, simple, and effective if you follow the steps. Get the book here!

We Should Get Together

This book a fabulous read when you are trying to build new relationships in your adulthood and feel like it’s really hard. It’s full of suggestions, conversation prompts, and creative ideas to build your circle around you.  Get the book here!

Connected from Afar

This book is great at providing prompts and ideas to build when the people you want to connect with are far away. Get the book here!