Thank you for your interest in working with me. On this page you will find a comprehensive media kit, my bio, information the book Own Your Greatness, and images that you can use for press and publicity. I’m looking forward to collaborating.

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In Your Unstoppable Greatness, Lisa and Richard Orbé-Austin brilliantly use their clinical insights as Licensed psychologists, combined with years of working with companies, associations, and universities, to provide an accessible book aimed at helping individuals combat their impostor feelings to reach their highest potential. Grounded in sound psychological principles and insights …. the book provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for achieving one’s dreams by Learning how to identify systems, organizations and toxic work environments that serve to reinforce feelings of impostorism.

- Kevin Cokley, Ph.D.

Gaining a better understanding about imposter syndrome can greatly help us to achieve our career goals without burn out and so much frustration. Your Unstoppable Greatness delivers on its promises to equip us with how to conquer perfectionism, avoid toxic work cultures, align with satisfying, rewarding career opportunities and much more.

- Shea K.

GET THIS BOOK! I cannot stop gushing about the work of Drs. Lisa Orbe-Austin and Richard Orbe-Austin. Their first book Own Your Greatness was a fantastic deep dive into understanding where imposter syndrome comes from in how to move beyond it.

- Amazon Customer

Great workbook that helps you take an objective look at your professional life. I specifically appreciated how it helped me identify and neutralize triggers in the workplace. Lisa & Richard left plenty of space to write in and keep track of my progress while providing thoughtful guidance throughout the book. This is not a self help book that you read passively, it is a work and thought plan that you actively do. Well worth the investment of your time.

- Lucia

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The content goes so deep that it seems like a book that should be leather-bound with gold edges on the pages! Highly recommended for anyone who’s ever dealt with feelings of impostor syndrome and wants to fully see, accept and celebrate their greatness in the present and in the future.

- Amazon Customer

“Own Your Greatness” is such a needed book! I wish I had this book years ago. The book has value right from the very beginning… The workbook has helped me work on myself as I read through the book; it makes the lessons learned to be memorable and easy to access.

- Sheldon E. Shaw

Even if you think you don’t suffer from Impostor Syndrome this book helps you redefine and understand dynamics and thought processes that can be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

- Fula

I’ve dealt with impostor syndrome for what feels like my entire life. Every time I accomplish anything I immediately downgraded the achievement…I LOVE the exercises in the book and find all of the information to be powerful yet digestible and easy to follow. If you are like me and struggling then I cannot recommend this book enough. This is a must read by true experts.

- Jasmine Escalera

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