Is Your Staff Struggling To Stay Engaged And Motivated?

Have you noticed an increase in anxiety or signs of burnout among your employees? Does it seem like your exceptional performers are passing up on career and leadership opportunities? Maybe employees are tuning out during meetings or taking more time off work than they used to, and you’re worried you’ll lose your best people if you don’t change something soon.  Or you maybe you feel that your students or employees who are in leadership programs are still lacking the confidence they need to take their careers to the next level..

You know your high potential students or employees are capable of doing more, but self-doubt, insecurities and perfectionism are keeping them from taking ownership of their career. And for all your attempts to help them acknowledge their accomplishments and grow in their abilities, they still seem disconnected and unwilling to take career risks.

Alternately, you might take great pride in your employees’ performance and willingness to try new things, but they seem to lose confidence when taking on leadership roles. You know that imposter syndrome at work is a very real problem, but you don’t know what else you can do to support your employees and help them grow professionally and in a thoughtful way.

Are you searching for someone with a proven approach and the expertise to help your high potential team members and students own their greatness, overcome their impostor syndrome and thrive in their careers?

Training on Imposter Syndrome Can Help Your Staff And Organization Thrive


Many speakers can provide tips, tricks and motivation for your team, but you may not be sure if they truly have the qualifications to help your employees overcome imposter syndrome and work burnout. As licensed psychologists and career coaches in New York City, we have built our process from years of direct experience and proven results.

While we draw from a structured process to help organizations and their members defeat imposter syndrome, we understand that every company and employee is unique. By taking time to discuss your goals and the challenges facing your employees, we can craft a custom program or presentation that will truly help your leaders and organization. In some cases, you may only need a short presentation to educate your team members about what imposter syndrome looks like and how you can begin addressing it in the workplace. Other times, you may benefit from a half-day, full-day or even multi-day training session that provides hands-on support for your staff on topics like career burnout, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and steps they can take to build their personal brand.

Financial Times Women In Business UK Forum Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

The Financial Times commissioned this infographic to capture a talk on Overcoming Impostor Syndrome by Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin for their Women in Business Forum.

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Unlike online courses or keynote speakers, who use a set program or template, our interactive presentations keep your staff engaged.  They can see that they aren’t alone, which is a critical aspect of overcoming imposter syndrome. We want to hear from team members and actively help them understand the key issues and how to use specific, concrete skills to increase confidence and motivation.

Your team can learn to catch automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) that are affecting their performance and shift them in a more productive direction. We’ll work with you to showcase resources your organization provides and how your staff can put those resources to better use. And we can provide year-long programmatic support as well as our Own Your Greatness book, which gives your employees additional information and activities they can use to maintain their progress in overcoming imposter syndrome.

We have spent the last 15 years  helping corporations, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies address internal issues that are affecting employee and student wellbeing, leadership performance, efficiency and diversity. Combined with our extensive experience as New York City psychologists and career coaches, we bring a proven approach and expansive resources that can support your high potential leaders so they can continue to grow and thrive in the face of adversity.

You may have questions about bringing in an imposter syndrome speaker…

As highly respected career coaches and psychologists in NYC, we understand that every company and employee has their own unique needs and goals. The skills and tools that work for one group may not be as effective for another, which is why we’ll adapt our approach according to your organization’s specific needs. As the authors of a comprehensive workbook about recognizing and overcoming imposter syndrome, we’ve honed our programmatic approach over many years and hundreds of clients, so you know you’re receiving practical guidance and resources with proven results.
You can read more about our work in Forbes, New York Times, Fast Company, NBC News and more.

As a general rule, we like to have at least two weeks’ advanced notice before presenting. This gives us time to meet with you, assess your organization’s needs, and present several options so you can choose the one that is right for your team.

Absolutely! In addition to our speaking engagements and in-office presentations, we offer off-site retreats and courses, or you can buy our Own Your Greatness book for your employees, members or leadership team.

Support Your Staff With A Speaking Event Or Training

If you are ready to give your students, organization members and hard-working employees the skills and resources they need to escape self-doubt and foster a greater sense of well being and confidence, it would be our privilege to support your team. In addition to working with us in person, you can order our workbook or sign up for our newsletter and receive tips and tricks to your inbox regularly.

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