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Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Graduate School Application Process?

  • Are you ready to apply for an advanced or specialized degree, but struggle to fit graduate school essays and test prep into your busy schedule?
  • Do you feel stuck or undervalued in your career and know you need a graduate degree to advance, but wonder where to begin?
  • Are you finding it difficult to identify the best degree, school and/or program for your skills, needs and career goals?
  • Are you worried that you lack the grades, insight or experience you need to submit a standout application, let alone get accepted?
  • Have you been promising yourself that you’ll start your grad school search, yet keep putting it off for one reason or another?
  • Do you wish you could follow your dream, pursue a more rewarding career and engage in a more fulfilling life?
  • Are you looking for the expert guidance and support you need to become organized, clarify your next steps and feel confident throughout the graduate school application process?

Applying for Graduate School Can Be Stressful and Confusing

If applying for graduate school has you feeling anxious, scattered and discouraged, you are not alone. The grad school application process is difficult by design, and applying for graduate or professional school can be more demanding and rigorous than applying for an undergraduate degree. Graduate programs are often small and competitive, and it’s important to seek out programs that are suited to your specific goals and staffed by faculty members who excel in your field.

After dedicating your time and energy to finding the right programs, as an applicant, you must then make the case that you’re the right fit for your chosen program(s). This often requires a nuanced understanding of each and every program you apply to, along with the writing skills necessary to craft a compelling graduate admissions essay. Add to that college transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation and resumes, and it’s no wonder that many applicants find it difficult to stay confident, organized and on-track.

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The fear of applying to the wrong programs, submitting flawed applications or facing rejection from your dream programs can be paralyzing.

If you’ve been out of school for years, you might worry that you don’t have what it takes to excel in higher education. Or, if you’ve only recently received your undergraduate degree, you might worry that you lack the experience and savvy necessary to prove your merit. It may sometimes feel as though graduate school is an elusive, lofty experience reserved for select others, and you may not be able to shake the sense that you’re not good enough. Even if you feel confident about your skills, you may be frustrated by the hours you’ve spent combing through university webpages or writing and re-writing your personal statement. Many applicants feel alone as they search for programs, or torn between conflicting pieces of advice from well meaning loved ones.

No matter who you are or what sort of advanced degree you’re seeking, navigating the process alone can sometimes feel impossible.

Thankfully, a graduate school consultant can help.

The experienced, trained psychologists at
Dynamic Transitions Psychological Counseling
can help you get organized, overcome the obstacles blocking your way and feel
empowered and prepared
to apply to the graduate program of your dreams.

With Graduate School Admissions Counseling, You Can Submit Applications You’re Truly Proud Of

Graduate school coaching can provide you with the individualized strategies and structure you need to confidently complete and submit applications to grad programs that fit your needs. As career coaches and psychotherapists, we understand the practical and emotional challenges that come with this significant life transition, and we’re uniquely equipped to offer guidance and support at every step in the application process. Whether you have clear academic ambitions or a hazy idea of what you want to do and where you want to go, we can help.

As we work together, we will first streamline your grad school search and collaboratively develop a list of programs that are relevant to your interests and goals.

While you identify programs that align with your skill set and particular career focus, we can help you gather and sort through the key logistical information that sets programs apart, such as funding opportunities, class sizes and course requirements. Once you’ve narrowed down your top schools, we’ll provide you with the resources and tips you need to craft clear and compelling personal statements that highlight your unique qualifications for each individual program. We’ll also assist you with any supplementary essays and advise you on selecting your professional and academic references.


We’ll work closely with you, adjusting our approach to fit your needs while keeping you focused, accountable and on-track. We’ll provide nurturing support and listen to your fears, apprehensions and frustrations without judgment, while simultaneously offering informed, objective feedback. We want you to succeed, and in safe, solution-focused coaching sessions, we’ll help you identify and build upon your strengths and create an application that reflects your best self.

For over 15 years, we have been helping clients get into law school, MBA, PhD, masters and post-baccalaureate and masters programs of all kinds. We’ve seen the grad school application process from all sides—as applicants, students, members of graduate admissions committees, university career counselors and now as graduate school consultants. We know how challenging the application process can be, but we also know that it is possible to feel a sense of pride in your application and in yourself.


You may have questions or concerns about graduate school coaching…


Will graduate school admissions counseling be worth the time and money?

When you select a graduate school to attend, you will also be choosing where and how you will spend many years of your life. And, graduate school is a significant financial commitment—without aid, most programs cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because graduate school is such an enormous investment, it’s important to start the process early and to take the time necessary to make a measured, thoughtful decision about where you will apply.

An experienced, professional graduate school coach can offer you support at every step, from identifying relevant programs to a final review of your application materials. Our counselors know the application process inside and out, and we also know how to help you best manage any anxiety or uncertainty getting in your way. If you are ready to enter the next stage of your career, graduate school admissions consulting is certainly worth it.

Shouldn’t I be able to motivate myself to complete my applications on my own?

Without mentorship or coaching, it can be difficult to identify next steps, keep track of deadlines and feel confident in your decisions. Many people assume that applying to graduate programs will be just like applying to college and then find themselves overwhelmed by everything they have to do. And, most of us don’t have a knowledgeable friend, coworker or family member who’s available to provide emotional support and practical advice consistently, week after week, during the process.

With graduate school admissions counseling, you can enjoy reliable, consistent guidance. In addition to our academic experience and professional expertise, we also have the psychotherapy background needed to provide support for emotional issues that arise, such as test anxiety, imposter syndrome, etc. We know strategies and solutions that can work for you, at every level, at every stage.

I don’t think I’m qualified for the programs I want to apply to.

It can be unnerving to apply for graduate school, especially if you’re worried about a perceived weak spot in your academic and/or professional record. But, whether you’re worried about your undergraduate grades, your standardized test scores or your job history, we can perform a thorough audit of your background and help you see where you stand. If we run into issues, there often can be real, concrete ways to boost the appeal of your candidacy and craft a successful application. We can also address and resolve any self-doubt or self-criticism weighing you down. There’s no reason to give up before you even try. We are here to be on your side, but also to provide honest and supportive feedback about your options and your process so that you have the best chance at success.

You can feel proud of your accomplishments and empowered to take the next step in your academic and professional career.

If you are ready to get started on graduate school admissions counseling or if you have additional questions, we invite you to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation.

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