Career Counseling for Entrepreneurs

Are You Struggling With Your Start-Up Business?

  • Are you unsure about your ability to manage a business?
  • Have you built a set of technical skills, but you feel anxious about the business side?
  • Perhaps your business got off to a strong start, but you now find yourself stuck on tasks you aren’t good at or are afraid of?
  • Or maybe you procrastinate on mundane administrative issues and have been struggling to keep up with your daily work plan?

Your motivation and confidence may wane with these challenges, and a lack of consistent growth or clients can leave you wondering if you can be successful as an entrepreneur. Do you wish you could get and stay organized and motivated as you develop tangible goals and guidelines for your business?

Many New York City Entrepreneurs Face Unanticipated Business Challenges

Countless individuals dip their toe in the entrepreneurial waters every year, and almost all of them face serious challenges and set-backs.

Many individuals have technical or specialized training and skills and, until they do it, never imagine they would start and run their own business. Others have a great idea or unique ability but lack the business acumen they need to feel confident pursuing their idea as a legitimate business.

It is easy to underestimate the business aspects that go into small business ownership and growth. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of business and administrative tasks you must complete. The good news is that career counseling for entrepreneurs can help you develop the skills, network and confidence you need to capitalize on your business ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.


Career Counseling for Entrepreneurs Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Starting and running your own business can be a lonely experience as you pour your time and resources into your passion.

It can be difficult working through obstacles and self-doubt without a support system. At Dynamic Transitions, we can be a support to you through the entrepreneurial process. We offer coaching on everything from motivation and leadership to helping you build the professional network of mentors you need to continue developing your business.

You may feel uncertain in your business acumen, bringing tremendous technical skill but lacking practical business experience. In these instances, finding the right mentorship in and around NYC can offer the professional guidance and support you need to take your new business to the next level. Because, while it’s true that working for yourself can be liberating, it can also be frightening. With entrepreneur counseling, you can learn to proactively build valuable and informative partnerships.

Specific Challenges

In sessions, we emphasize building concrete skills and strategies around business management, such as task management skills, organization and how to deal with distractions. Running a business requires expertise in a variety of areas, some of which you may have little or no experience with. We understand many of the challenges you may face as an entrepreneur and can help you be strategic about how you respond to those challenges. In addition to helping you perform at an optimal level, we can help you to connect with a variety of amazing, low cost and, sometimes, free business resources in NYC.


Stress Reduction Techniques

Starting and running a business can cause significant and constant stress, which is why we build stress reduction techniques into our work together. You may currently be working all hours of the day and night, but it is nearly impossible to maintain this pace. In order to manage your stress and avoid letting your business take over your life, we help you develop boundaries between your professional demands and personal needs.

Entrepreneur Career Counseling

For 15 years, we have helped adults of all ages develop the skills, expertise and network they need to start and run their own business. We have been through many of the same struggles you are facing, and we’re passionate about helping you take your business to the next level. With entrepreneurial career counseling, you can develop the leadership and organizational skills as well as the necessary network you need to confidently and effectively grow your business.

But, you may still have questions about career counseling for entrepreneurs…

I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, the mundane aspects of the business can erode your passion. And setbacks can make you question your ability to create a successful business. But, if you’re passionate and driven about your idea – if you can keep that fire alive – then you can learn the skills you need to be successful as an entrepreneur. We want to help you keep those fires stoked while you complete administrative tasks and develop competencies in areas where you have previously struggled.

Isn’t starting a business risky? I’m nervous…

Starting a business can be scary, but there are ways to create safety nets to protect yourself. Entrepreneur career counseling provides you with a coach who can help you identify your safety nets – and even build your own. It is possible to reduce the risks your business will face, but every start-up  faces setbacks and unanticipated challenges. In addition, we can also help you accept the reality that your business may not be what you had envisioned, but that doesn’t mean hope is lost or success is out of reach.

Most people aren’t meant to be their own boss…

Working for an organization can be a very paternalistic experience, with someone providing everything you need from a paycheck to health insurance. As an entrepreneur, it can be terrifying to not have that sense of protection or consistency in the workplace. Career counseling can help you develop skill sets – and a new attitude – that you didn’t have before.

Your Idea Can Be A Success

Are you ready to take your business or idea to the next level? Do you still have questions about career counseling for entrepreneurs? If so, we encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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