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Are Communication Breakdowns Sinking Your Relationship?

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Perhaps your relationship has been strong in the past, but recent career stressors are starting to eat away at its foundation. Or maybe one of you has recently experienced a career issue or setback, and stress and self-doubt are beginning to impact your relationship. You may spend a lot of effort trying to avoid conflict, carefully choosing your words to avoid triggering potential issues. You may desperately want to reach a common ground, but have no idea about how to start the connecting and healing process.

Being in a relationship can be difficult, and it sometimes feels like work.

It’s extremely rare for two people, with two different sets of expectations to come together without any conflict or miscommunication. Your relationship challenges may have been in place for a while, festering at or just below the surface, as you and your partner avoid discussing uncomfortable issues. Alternately, you may be able to point to a single argument or incident that got out of hand, and now both you and your partner are frightened about what it may mean for your relationship. While you are committed to each other and aren’t going to give up on what you have, you still may feel scared or reluctant to talk openly about fights you can’t resolve.

Successes, pressures, challenges and frustrations in the workplace can have a dramatic impact on your personal life and relationship. You or your partner may feel like the other is underemployed or underachieving. There can be tension about career trajectory and offering professional advice. If you have experienced greater professional success, you may worry that your partner will interpret feedback as shaming. Or you may feel like you aren’t getting enough quality time together as professional obligations and responsibilities interfere with your ability to be there for your partner.

The good news is professional couples counseling can help you and your partner learn how to heal and strengthen your connection.

You Can Heal And Rediscover The Connection And Value In Your Relationship

In couples counseling, the goal is to heal and care for your relationship – not just the single individuals – you and your partner – within your relationship. At Dynamic Transitions in New York City, we can help you create a safe, joyful and gracious space that you and your partner can share. Our goal is to help you foster a harmonious relationship so you can live in a healthy way, both together and as individuals.

We use EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), a well-researched, empirically validated couples counseling approach proven effective in helping relationships recover from distress.

EFT is proven to help 75% of struggling couples move from distress to recovery in their relationship 75%
90% of Couples show significant improvement 90%

EFT focuses on interpersonal attachments and creates an awareness of the raw spots in your relationship. When you recognize “the dance” that you and your partner are doing by avoiding issues and using ineffective communication, you can learn how to come together and change the music. Instead of feeling misunderstood, ignored or pushed away in your interactions, you can use these challenges to grow closer together and foster a secure bond with your partner.

In sessions, your couples therapist can help you identify the harmful patterns that you and your partner have created. You can identify the triggers and emotions that lead to negative patterns and learn how to make different, healthier choices. Instead of internalizing painful interactions and blaming each other, you can see that it is the interaction itself – and not you or your partner – that is negative. When you understand and adopt this perspective, you can create new, compassionate ways of engaging with each other and move toward a healthier, happier relationship dynamic.

In some cases, your therapist may also utilize bibliotherapy, (i.e., using books and other literature to guide the therapeutic work) a technique that helps you understand the common terms, jargon and challenges in how couples interact. In the past, couples counseling may have left you feeling overwhelmed or alienated as you tried to address issues you may have failed to recognize – or purposefully avoided. Bibliotherapy helps you, your partner and therapist get on the same page regarding the challenges you are facing and how couples counseling can help, making it easier for you to engage in your work together.

It can be devastating to feel like you are losing someone you care deeply about, and that you are powerless to heal your relationship. But couples counseling, especially when working with EFT, is a very helpful and hopeful process. It can be a spectacular feeling when you recognize that your relationship dynamic is changeable, and the challenges you are facing won’t always be there.

In our nearly 10 years as licensed counseling psychologists in NYC, we have helped countless couples heal and strengthen their relationships. Couples counseling with Dynamic Transitions offers emotional support as well as help learning the skills you need to heal your relationship and find value in one another.

But, you may still have questions about couples counseling…

Why should I go to couples counseling? My partner is the one struggling.

When you or your partner is coping with difficulties or challenges, both of you are likely feeling ongoing distress. While some progress can be made when only one member of a relationship comes in for counseling, you both need to be involved if you wish to experience true, meaningful and lasting change.

What if I get blamed for our issues?

Couples counseling isn’t about placing blame. Rather, it’s about finding new ways of engaging with your partner and supporting your strengths as a couple. Our goal is to give you new tools you can use to deal with triggers in your relationship. At Dynamic Transitions, we are treating your relationship, not either individual.

If we need couples counseling, our relationship is already over…

We see couples in a variety of stages of distress, from minor issues to more impactful, long-lasting conflicts. Couples counseling can help you feel calmer, lessen anxiety and give you a sense of hope that you can impact and improve your relationship. Rather than signaling the end of your relationship, you and your partner take an intimate step by saying, “I am this vulnerable, and I want to bring in someone to help us heal” when you enter couples therapy.

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You Can Feel Safe and Happy With Your Partner

Are you ready to begin taking steps to heal and strengthen your relationship? Do you still have questions about couples counseling? If so, we encourage you to call our NYC office and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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