With everything going on in the world with the spread of COVID-19 and how fast things have shifted, it all has me thinking about the changing nature of job search and work. If we could potentially be working from home for an undetermined period of time, what happens to people who are currently searching for a new role. For me in this period, I am committed to finding concrete hope for everyone’s future and I think this is very important.

A friend of mine posted a Google doc with all these companies looking for remote workers and that got me inspired to write this newsletter.

I don’t typically do long lists like these in my newsletter, but this felt like it could be a useful guide of some of the most popular remote work search sites. LinkedIn also has a feature in its job search engine where you can filter by “remote” to choose positions that offer the ability to work remotely.

Before I share the search engines that cater to these types of job and a summary for what positions they specialize it, I wanted to encourage you to do a few things before you embark on a search for a remote job.

• Do your due diligence on the company? Both its current economic status (as best you can ascertain) and on its employees’ satisfaction especially remote ones – Glassdoor usually has great info regarding employees’ POV.

• Prep for remote interviews which can be harder than you may expect if you are not familiar with them. It can consist of different meetings with a variety of members of the team over video conferencing around a specific task, problem, you may be provided an assignment to complete to evaluate your skills and everything may be assessed (e.g., the time it took you to complete it, the process that you engaged to solve it and the result). In addition to this, you will still want to make sure that you are connecting interpersonally.

• Develop some behavioral interview questions responses that have to do with remote work, managing yourself, being able to produce without a lot of supervision and dealing with conflict with teams that are scattered.

• Understand if there are any travel expectations and whether they make sense for you – you may be required to attend quarterly off-sites or check-in once in a while at the office that is closest to you.

• Be clear about the way they stay in contact and how they hold employees accountable, and if that fits your style of work. For example, do you have to be responsible additional project management tasks to keep your work visible to the entire team?

In addition, you should still be doing all the things you do to vet a company’s fit for you.

Here are some of search engines that I found to be most popular for remote positions and they all seemed to be quite active and have many jobs listed.

If you have others that you like and recommend, please add them in the comments.

Also, if you have any questions or topics that you’d like to see covered in my upcoming newsletter, please let me know in the comments section.

We Work Remotely

  • Customer support, marketing, programming, design, DevOps, administrative, business and management, finance, legal, copywriting, sales and marketing, product,

Power to Fly

  • Focused on women in the fields of engineering, marketing, sales, business analytics, project management and graphic design

Skip the Drive

  • Positions for people with bilingual skills, call center, administrative, engineering, consulting, customer service, finance, healthcare, HR, IT, insurance, marketing, sales, recruiting, QA, web developers

Virtual Vocation

  • Had a wide variety of careers represented including nursing, education, consulting, writing, paralegal, marketing, attorneys, accountants, data entry, instructional design, teaching and HR


  • Software development, customer success, design, marketing, sales, product


  • Legal, marketing, IT, HR, editing, teaching, sales, project management, customer service, accounting, design, writing


  • Software development, customer support marketing, design, legal, writers, marketing


  • Account Management, accounting and finance, advertising and PR, animal and wildlife jobs, arts and creative, bilingual, business development, call center, communications, computer and IT, consulting, customer services, data entry, editing, education and training, engineering and entertainment & media

Working Nomads

  • Development, marketing, management, systems administration, design, sales, writing, customer success, consulting, finance, administration, HR, education, healthcare and legal


  • Tech, marketing and customer service

Authentic Jobs

  • Designers, developers and creatives


  • Design jobs