• Using Mindfulness to Address Your Fears

Using Mindfulness to Address Your Fears

December 21, 2015

When faced with an issue, an object, a circumstance that chills us to the bone with fear, a common natural inclination is to avoid the situation that causes(d) the fear to arise.  There are many techniques that work in the process of alleviating fears and anxieties about issues, objects and circumstances. Mindfulness can assist in the process of being aware of experience of the fear. This technique can help to observe the fear without judgment.

  • Notice the fear arising in your body. Be curious about it – where do you feel it in your body (your stomach, your chest, your legs, etc.) Observe the sensation, let it exist. Breathe deeply and in a natural way.
  • Be friendly to the fearful thoughts. Do treat them as a threat. Explore them – get to know them.
  • Be kind to yourself for being afraid. Observe what happens when you allow the fear to arise in your mind.

You can repeat this process as often as you need. The key is to embrace the thoughts, connect with your body and not punish yourself for being afraid.

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