It’s Experience, Not Things That Brings Happiness It’s Experience, Not Things That Brings Happiness (6/5/2016) - Recent research studies have found that experiences not things bring us greater happiness. For example, a Dutch study showed that anticipating a vacation can be much more pleasurable than the vacation itself. While Americans are less likely to take vacations than workers from other countries, the research data indicate that vacations improve women’s mental health, longevity, and children’s […]
Using Mindfulness to Address Your Fears Using Mindfulness to Address Your Fears (12/21/2015) - When faced with an issue, an object, a circumstance that chills us to the bone with fear, a common natural inclination is to avoid the situation that causes(d) the fear to arise.  There are many techniques that work in the process of alleviating fears and anxieties about issues, objects and circumstances. Mindfulness can assist in […]
Loving-Kindness meditations offer a way to change some of your experience and reaction to relationships. Loving-Kindness Meditations & How They Help You Combat Disconnection and Interpersonal Strife (12/16/2015) - In our world today, we are inundated by ways to connect. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all offer easy ways to social engage by sharing experiences, thoughts, pictures, and advice. However, we are learning from the research collected on those connections that they are often superficial and cause more negative responses than positive, as a […]
Mindfulness 5 Ways Mindfulness Can Reduce Work Tension (9/22/2015) - The myth that practicing mindfulness will deliver you to a blissed-out state is very common and can serve to really damage the practice of mindfulness especially for beginners. These types of myths can set unrealistic expectations that make it easy for new practitioners of mindfulness to quit the practice when they don’t reach nirvana after […]
Mindfulness First Steps of Practicing Mindfulness (2/12/2014) - One of the most difficult parts of getting started with any mindfulness practice is beginning the process of initiating a habit and institutionalizing it. In a recent study, researchers found that it takes about 9 weeks of daily practice of any behavior before it can become part of your life or a new habit. Here […]
Goal Setting The Goal Rollercoaster: Lapse v. Relapse (2/6/2014) - Many of us make resolutions to bring about changes in our lives. The intention is powerful and hopeful and the desire to live a healthier, more stable, more secure life is such a wonderful one that I would be the last to dismiss it. However, statistics show that after 6 months more than half of […]
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