• It’s Experience, Not Things That Brings Happiness

It’s Experience, Not Things That Brings Happiness

June 5, 2016

Recent research studies have found that experiences not things bring us greater happiness. For example, a Dutch study showed that anticipating a vacation can be much more pleasurable than the vacation itself. While Americans are less likely to take vacations than workers from other countries, the research data indicate that vacations improve women’s mental health, longevity, and children’s wellbeing.

While we may be focused on increasing earnings to provide more for those we care for, it’s important to realize that the positive and connecting experiences that we engage in can be much more beneficial than a new phone, car or clothes. These experiences also don’t have to necessarily be in the form of a vacation. They can be more present and focused time with our children, partners and families, really giving yourself to the moment fully, and not being partially there.

So, focus on the experiences that you are having with others. Make sure that you are available and present for those around that you care for. It will help you and your mental health, contribute to living a long life and if you have children, it will affect their happiness.

Keep phones off when with your loved ones (then the triggers built into the phone –ringing, notifications will not be as tempting)

Protect your time at home as you would protect your work time from interruptions

Attend to your triggers for becoming disconnected (tensions, difficult topics, feeling overwhelmed) and find ways to stay present and work through those moments rather than escaping

When prioritizing, consider the experiences and not the things in crafting an environment of happiness for yourself and others.

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