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  • 5 Ways Mindfulness Can Reduce Work Tension
  • 5 Ways Mindfulness Can Reduce Work Tension

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Reduce Work Tension

September 22, 2015

The myth that practicing mindfulness will deliver you to a blissed-out state is very common and can serve to really damage the practice of mindfulness especially for beginners. These types of myths can set unrealistic expectations that make it easy for new practitioners of mindfulness to quit the practice when they don’t reach nirvana after the first few weeks. The impact of mindfulness practices is usually fairly subtle, but powerful as the cumulative effects can affect all types of behavior and experience.

Here are some ways in which regular practices of mindfulness can help you in your professional life:

  1. Attention – Mindfulness practices teach us how to bring our immediate experience into our present consciousness rather than being caught up with what has gone on in the past or what will happen in the future.
  2. Appreciating multiple viewpoints – Being able to value various ways of approaching a problem or delivering a solution helps us to move away from rigidly holding onto a stance to win, make a point or be reactive. Openness to others and empathic respect for others can assist in taking in all the necessary input from a variety of stakeholders that in the end may help us to make a more informed, holistic decision.
  3. Emotional Regulation – Being mindful can help with our attunement, emotional awareness, stress regulation and mind-body connection that are all important aspects of reducing reactivity and supporting balanced emotional expression.
  4. Self-Confidence – Mindfulness often supports the notion of self-compassion and being able to appreciate and be grateful for ourselves rather than support inner-critical voices that make us feel never good enough.
  5. Provide resilience against toxicity – Toxic work environments and relationships can erode our sense of safety, well-being and ability to affect our professional future. Mindfulness practices can assist individuals in being able to care for themselves and demonstrate inspiring workplace practices that nurture trust, openness and respect aligned with one’s mindfulness practice.

While mindfulness practices clearly can have a positive impact on your personal life, they can also assist you in navigating some of the natural difficulties that arise in a workplace. The practice contains a variety of philosophical and behavioral components that may provide a buffer from the unhealthy interpersonal issues that arise.

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